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Skype's new office in Stockholm

Author: LaV | 29-08-2011, 02:30
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Skype's new office in Stockholm
Midst of the week helps to make the talk a bit about work. But the most pleasant way. We sometimes show the creative offices of large companies that care about the health of employees, not only physically but also mentally. In these offices can and wants to not only work, but it is even live. Today we look Swedish office Skype, located in Stockholm to assess the work of designers out it PS Arkitektur. Design of the new office is fully consistent with the spirit of Skype - a playful and functional, made in bright style, and furnished with colorful furniture. The interior style of repeat Skype. At present, the office is working on developing audio-video technology, which is reminiscent of a specially made wallpaper with images of headphones, cables and other devices. The company's designers PS Arkitektur, of course, have done a great job.


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