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All in One Room Apartment in Stockholm

Author: LaV | 29-08-2011, 02:18
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Its really amaze me when i see the images and photos of this exclusive apartment which built in stockholm sweden. The best part of this luxury and well articulate interior apartment is that its the world most customize high quality apartment. After having a look at the photos taken in this lovely Scandinavian crib, one can only guess the last thing this apartment lacks is space. You will probably be pleasantly surprised to know that in fact, the total surface of this one room home is 44 square meters. Located in Vasastan, Stockholm, this bright and cozy studio seems to have it all: a delightful contemporary design, function and an overall welcoming atmosphere. According to Alvhem Makleri & Interior, this is an apartment that exudes peace and tranquility. The living room is a bright and social space with openness to both the kitchen and sleeping area. Large glass walls dissolve the border between inside and outside allowing natural light to reign. So get ready to see the world most All in One Room Apartment in Stockholm sweden.


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