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Tips for online flirting

Author: LaV | 21-09-2011, 03:41
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Tips for online flirting

Social networking has become a famous medium of flirting and having friends. Someone its easy to speak to strangers than to friends. True. But like every relationship, online flirting too has some limitations that you should follow. Have a look:


  1. Don't ping your friends too often. You should not leave an impression that you are always free.
  2. You might like to comment on the status of your friends however don't make it regular occurrence. Keep in touch but don't make it seem like you spend your every breathing moment on someone else's webpage.
  3. If someone has not accepted your friend request, respect their decision and don't ever send any reminder. Sending friendship requests repeatedly may likely see you in the blocked list.
  4. Chatting and updating status is very much in, however use your senses before sending any message or updating status.
  5. Be little reserve and build your own limitations. There is no need to comment on all the pictures your friends upload. Just appreciate one or two and move ahead.
  6. When two people are having chat don't jump in between. Trust me you will never be welcomed.
  7. Just because you and the other person have five friends in common doesn't mean he/she is going to allow you to join his/her friend's list. If he/she is not open to making friends online, respect his/her decision.
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