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5 Largest Helicopters

Author: LaV | 3-09-2011, 04:06
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5 Largest Helicopters

It was 1860 when first time the word helicopter was used by a French inventor, who came up with a small, steamed powered model. After 17 years, in 1877, first unmanned helicopter rose to the height of 43 feet triggering the start of an amazing journey of helicopter development.

Here is the list of world’s largest helicopters

Mil V-12


Mil V-12 was the largest helicopter the world has ever seen. Soviet Union developed this giant machine in 1960s and only two prototypes were produced before the project was trashed for being too big to be used in practical situation.




Mi-26 is the biggest and largest helicopter ever gone in to production. The main inspiration for development of such a huge giant was movement of heavy military equipment. Mi-26 has maximum take off weight of 56,000 kg.



Mi-6 is another Russian master piece developed in 1950s, was largest helicopter at that time. This heavy weight set many records during its early days including record of circuit speed at over 211mph. It has maximum take off weight of 44,000 kg.



Also called as flying crane Mi-10 was developed by Russia in 1960s and entered into production in 1963. Its maximum take off weight is 38,000 kg.

Sikorsky CH-53E


Is the largest and heaviest helicopter ever built by USA. Also called super stallion, this giant machine went into production in 1966. Used for movement of heavy machinery the maximum take off weight to stallion was 33,340 kg.

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