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Ways to protect facebook Account Against Clickjacking, Hacking

Author: LaV | 15-09-2011, 04:58
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Ways to protect facebook Account Against Clickjacking, Hacking


Five Ways Protect Facebook Account

Facebook teamed up with internet safety browsing company Web of Trust in early May in an effort to beef up the social networking site’s security settings and to prevent spamming and clickjacking—a malicious hacker technique that "tricks" web users to revealing sensitive information such as passwords and social security numbers whenever they "click" on a attractive and misleading link, such as "click here to win a free iPad2."

Facebook Security : protect Profile, Account from Clickjacking, Untrusted Sites

Lemon Juice Shampoo for strong hairs

Author: LaV | 5-09-2011, 15:51
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Lemon Juice Shampoo for strong hairs

lemon juice shampoo

Lemon or Lime is good for hair with abundant amount of Vitamin C it gives shine and gloss to hairs it is also good on oily hairs. Lemon lightens hair and protects from Ultraviolet rays from sun. Just using lime would make your hairs smell like lemons, there it is recommended that you use the shampoo which can be made at home here is a small way on how to make lemon juice shampoo at home.  It can also turn it orangey if your hair is dark, but this method works great for blondes and lighter browns. You need several hours in the sun each day, for a few days in a row in order for this to work (Much like using Sun-In), so you should use Sunscreen, too, to protect your skin if you choose to try using the natural lemon juice method. Here is how to make lemon juice Shampoo at home.

Wind Energy and its benefits

Author: LaV | 29-08-2011, 02:09
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We all know how important air is for our life. However today we will focus on the other beneficial part of air and that is energy that is obtained by moving air. The motion results from the heating and cooling of the Earth; thus, wind energy is an indirect form of Solar Energy.We are more in need of renewable sources of energy for our survival and what can be best other than wind energy. Wind energy is one of the oldest forms of energy used to supplement human muscle. The conversion of wind energy to various other useful forms, like electricity, is known as wind power. Wind energy is converted into these forms using wind turbines. There are wind power plants, or wind farms which are clusters of wind machines used to produce electricity. A wind farm usually has dozens of wind machines scattered over a large area.

wind energy