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Tongue Tattoos

Author: LaV | 31-08-2011, 05:09
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Tongue Tattoos

Tattoos are a time honored tradition of body modification that is a marking or design of indelible ink that is inserted into the dermis layer of skin to permanently stay—at least until modern laser techniques were perfected or if the person wanted a large scar from where he or she dig out the entire chunk of flesh that contained the mark. Throughout the centuries, countless tribal peoples have practiced tattooing even though the name for it that we use today actually comes from the Polynesian language’s word for them of “tatau.” The purposes of these inked markings vary for each culture, group, and time period that ever used them. Sometimes they are for spiritual purposes such as to protect against evil or to draw certain forms of magic to the person. They can also be used as identification. One of the most notorious forms of tattoo identification was the numbering of prisoners in Nazi concentration camps, but tattoos have also been used to mark rank, status, or even links with particular groups (such as gangs or even certain ethnicities).

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