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Unusual Trees Around The world

Author: LaV | 10-10-2011, 04:48
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Unusual Trees Around The world

Trees are boring. All they do is stand there, occasionally looking pretty in the winter or dropping fruit in the autumn. Except trees are fascinating organisms. They live on a timescale that is hard to relate to human life and because they act so slowly we often do not notice what they are doing. Here are ten particularly unusual trees; unusual either because of their biology or because humans have changed them in some way.

Boojum Tree

Chocolate: Good or Bad

Author: LaV | 29-09-2011, 05:51
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Chocolate: Good or Bad

Chocolate is actually a very ancient food source, used in the tropical rainforests of the American continents as a hot beverage derived from the seeds of the cacao tree. Both the Maya and the Aztecs of Central America were some of the earliest civilizations to make note of their chocolate consumption. Rather than going for the sweet treat that is loved and embraced by the modern world, these ancient peoples would mix ground up cacao seeds with spicy seasonings to make a frothy, warm drink. The story of how chocolate went from this random beginning to being the monumental sweet of today is a long one, but its multiple uses and presence all over the world is far more interesting. Lately people having been trying to figure out if this sinful treat is good or bad for you in a health sense. The truth is that it is probably a little of both, but many individuals like to take sides on the debate to start their own pro-chocolate or anti-chocolate factions. The choice is ultimately up to you!

Negative Health Effects of Chocolate

Image Source

What’s so bad about chocolate? Well, like most foods it is not exactly the chocolate itself that causes the problems but the source of the chocolate and of course its quantities. Theobromine is the bitter yet intense alkaloid that is found in the cacao plant (and a few others such as the cola nut) which is similar in its effects to that of caffeine. While humans can process theobromine, we know that some animals do not have sufficient capacity to metabolize it, making chocolate quite toxic to these select creatures. This should be cue enough for mankind to note that perhaps chocolate might not be “all that.”

Top Ten Most Useless Products Ever

Author: LaV | 19-09-2011, 06:54
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Top Ten Most Useless Products Ever

The human mind is a beautiful and dangerous thing.  Capable of astounding revelation and world-changing deductive reasoning, the scope of human intelligence has forever determined the course of human history and the evolution of the species. Bearing this lofty assertion in mind, let us not forget that there is a flip-side to everything – especially human ingenuity.  That being said, allow me to present you with a brief list of ten of the most useless wastes of human invention ever to grace our humble planet.

10.  The Microphone Sponge

mike sponge

This little piece of porous yellow magic is a must-have for any shower-singing aficionado.  Form meets function in one spectacularly silly concept.  While this may not be the dumbest product on the market, the visual image is invokes is certain to illicit a few giggles.  Personally, I’d like one of my own.  Just sayin’.

Laptops Under 100 Dollars

Author: LaV | 10-09-2011, 12:37
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Laptops Under 100 Dollars

What if i could tell you about some of the best Laptops Under 100 Dollars? yes we have that information, and maybe your next purchase could be a Laptops Under 100 Dollars, yes they are good and they are cheap.

There have been many low value laptop projects which were developed or in growth primarily focused on creating nations. There may be the One Laptop Per Youngster undertaking that contains a low value, low energy laptop computer targeted on kids and their schooling which has been pretty successful. A brand new netbook is coming out called the Cherrypal which is meant to cost $a hundred aimed mainly at promoting to Africa.

Many instances these $100 laptops and netbooks have failed at their value point. The $100 soon becomes close to twice the worth after actuality units in. However when you could have business netbooks as low-cost as $one hundred fifty right this moment, a lower power version can realistically hit the worth level of $100.

This Cherrypal won’t be capable of run heavy computer purposes, but it can get the job done. Despite the fact that it only has a 400 megahertz processor and 256 megabytes of ram, this is greater than sufficient to run many different model of Linux distributions.

No matter operating system selection that is made, it might be finest to go together with a version of Linux that runs Fluxbox or XFCE as these interfaces don’t take much assets to run which leaves more ram and processing energy for applications. Tapping into the tens of thousands of Linux purposes offers creating nations free software program a lot of that are academic in nature.

Realistically if folks in these international locations might get their hands on a netbook like the Cherrypal along with web access it will open up a world of educational and business opportunities. There are such a lot of instructional instruments that can be discovered on many web sites that would change into curriculum for college kids that otherwise would have cost a whole bunch of dollars per yr the place one netbook like this could provide all of it.

Hopefully the $one hundred price point stays as it would give folks entry to the know-how particularly for the academic advantages from this type of device.

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Chocolate improves eyesight better than carrots

Author: LaV | 7-09-2011, 16:41
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Chocolate improves eyesight better than carrots

Chocolate improves eyesight better than carrots : Study

ISLAMABAD: A study adds to previous research that suggestseating dark chocolate can make your eyesight and brain sharper. You may have already heard that dark chocolate can lower your blood pressure and also appears to have a favorable effect on cholesterol levels, platelet function and insulin sensitivity.

Dating Deal Breakers (The Female Version)

Author: LaV | 7-09-2011, 16:18
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Dating Deal Breakers (The Female Version)


You read what Piph had to say regarding dating deal breakers for the men, now see what Arasia Magnetic has to say as she represents for the ladies.

Top 10 Hottest Women in History

Author: LaV | 5-09-2011, 04:56
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Top 10 Hottest Women in History

During Women’s History Month, we’d like to celebrate an aspect of historical females often overlooked by historians: their hotness. Powerful women throughout history have used their beauty as well as their intelligence to get ahead. It’s something successful modern women continue to do today. Here we will explore the history of hot and resourceful women and celebrate them the best way we know how: with a top 10 list.

The women on our list are ranked not only by beauty, but their historical significance and their effect on the men of their time. To be considered, they have to be dead and mentioned in history classes. We’ve excluded entertainers because there are already too many of those lists. Besides, we didn’t need them. Our list is political, royal, literary, and stands up to any celebrity list on the sexy scale.

No.10 - Charlotte Brontë

Charlotte Brontë
The eldest novelist of the three famous Brontë sisters, Charlotte Brontë had a dark family past. You know what that means? Daddy issues. Case in point, she married her father’s caretaker when her father was dying. Regardless, her wit and intelligence could match any gentleman of her time. Her book Jane Eyre sparked an early feminist movement and made her very popular in London’s high-class social circles. Still, she remained a homebody, preferring to curl up with a book of poetry. Imagine her reading to you by firelight with her impeccable English accent.

iPhone OS 4.0 Review

Author: LaV | 2-09-2011, 01:49
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iPhone OS 4.0 Review: Summary and Complete Guide

Heads up! The moment of truth is finally here for the new iPhone OS. While some are a bit disappointed, about the sans-out news for the iPhone 4G, the whole iPhone OS 4.0 announcement was pretty exhilarating to see. We’ve covered a definitive guide for you — So when summer arrives, you know what to dive for with your new iPhone.

Release Date:

Both the iPhone and iPod touch will receive an iPhone OS 4.0 blessing this summer. Although it’s not yet disclosed if it’ll be available as a download for iPhone 3GS / iPod Touch 2G or users will be obliged to buy a new iPhone (4G) / iPod Touch 3G unit. iPad will also be endowed with iPhone OS 4.0, but later, until Fall.

Steve Jobs introduced the new features of the new OS and called it as Poles — there are Ten Poles, in which, it was explained on a categorical basis. So let’s begin.

iAd: Apple’s latest innovation for their advertising platform

iad 1 iPhone OS 4.0 Review: Summary and Complete Guide

Whistle While You Work: How to Be Content in Your Job

Author: LaV | 31-08-2011, 05:37
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Whistle While You Work: How to Be Content in Your Job

Jobs are a sad fact of life in our world. People have to work in order to earn money that they use to live and buy things which in turn helps other people make their own money to live their lives. It is a viscous cycle, but every adult or even fiscally minded teenager knows the necessity of jobs to attain financial independence or at least a sense of that type of security. However, the world is full of jobs that people do not want to do but must be done in order to have the world be the way we want it. Also, some jobs are just not the ideal choice for certain people if they do not fit their skills, personal preferences, or any other million reasons why someone would not want a job. What happens though when you need the money of a job but are not too fond of the work, workplace, or coworkers? There are a few techniques though that you can utilize which can ease the symptoms of job discontentment until you find your dream job—whatever occupation or calling that ultimate goal might be.

It Is YOUR Choice!

Image Source

It sounds cliché but the fact remains firm that it is true. A huge portion of attitude (particularly when pertaining to happiness) is influenced by your own approach to the situation. Basically, feelings about a certain thing or situation act as self fulfilling prophecies for the majority of people. However, to add another cliché to the mix—it is the simplest things that are the hardest. It is difficult to focus on being happy when the things that make you happy are few and far between at your job. All you have to do though is keep your eyes on the prize—the mental prize. Find a single thing about your job that you do enjoy and try to specialize in it. Make sure to do that aspect of your job everyday and try to become perfect at it so that when others need that particular job done they come to you, allowing you to spend more of your workday doing something that does not make you want to jump off the building.


Thankless Jobs That Are Vital to Our Society

Author: LaV | 31-08-2011, 05:11
Views: 253

Thankless Jobs That Are Vital to Our Society

Having a job is one of the main markers of transitioning from childhood to adulthood—from being a dependent to an independent. However, most people long to settle themselves in a career rather than a mere job. They want a career that they like, that they’re good at, and that can make a difference in the world so that they can feel they are needed. Our modern society and civilization has many job offerings that will fit the bill for various people. The problem comes along when there are jobs and careers that seem under appreciated or even overlooked in our world. People in these careers are faced with the knowledge that civilization as we know it would crumble without them but the rest of society tends to shrug them off or at the least undermine their work. They must continue with their jobs even though others may treat them as stereotypes or scoff at them because even if society does not know of their extremely important roles they understand the necessity of their dedication.


Image Source

Passing on the collective knowledge of past generations to future generations is one of the noblest callings in the world. Without someone to teach young people basic facts, skills, and ultimately the ideas and concepts that will allow them to be the best they can be in the world at large. Teachers do not make as much money as stockbrokers. They do not have the prestige of doctors. They do not have the power of lawyers. However, they are the reason that we have those other occupations at all. Most of the time people blow them off by saying they only work nine to ten months out of the year and merely sit around babysitting all day, but the fact remains the same that they are absolutely necessary for all other jobs, careers, and professions to manifest. Also, do you recall how some students treated their teachers? Imagine putting up with that all day long and see if you do not absolutely require a month or two respite just to make sure you don’t end up having a total mental meltdown. They have to plan lessons, make tests, compose lectures, grade homework, create rubrics, and a million other things that they cannot do during the school day because they are constantly in the classroom teaching their students. They bring work home with them every night without fail just to do the bare minimum requirements of their jobs—not including duties of extracurricular activities, field trips, or chaperone responsibilities.

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