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Thankless Jobs That Are Vital to Our Society

Author: LaV | 31-08-2011, 05:11
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Thankless Jobs That Are Vital to Our Society

Having a job is one of the main markers of transitioning from childhood to adulthood—from being a dependent to an independent. However, most people long to settle themselves in a career rather than a mere job. They want a career that they like, that they’re good at, and that can make a difference in the world so that they can feel they are needed. Our modern society and civilization has many job offerings that will fit the bill for various people. The problem comes along when there are jobs and careers that seem under appreciated or even overlooked in our world. People in these careers are faced with the knowledge that civilization as we know it would crumble without them but the rest of society tends to shrug them off or at the least undermine their work. They must continue with their jobs even though others may treat them as stereotypes or scoff at them because even if society does not know of their extremely important roles they understand the necessity of their dedication.


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Passing on the collective knowledge of past generations to future generations is one of the noblest callings in the world. Without someone to teach young people basic facts, skills, and ultimately the ideas and concepts that will allow them to be the best they can be in the world at large. Teachers do not make as much money as stockbrokers. They do not have the prestige of doctors. They do not have the power of lawyers. However, they are the reason that we have those other occupations at all. Most of the time people blow them off by saying they only work nine to ten months out of the year and merely sit around babysitting all day, but the fact remains the same that they are absolutely necessary for all other jobs, careers, and professions to manifest. Also, do you recall how some students treated their teachers? Imagine putting up with that all day long and see if you do not absolutely require a month or two respite just to make sure you don’t end up having a total mental meltdown. They have to plan lessons, make tests, compose lectures, grade homework, create rubrics, and a million other things that they cannot do during the school day because they are constantly in the classroom teaching their students. They bring work home with them every night without fail just to do the bare minimum requirements of their jobs—not including duties of extracurricular activities, field trips, or chaperone responsibilities.