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Whistle While You Work: How to Be Content in Your Job

Author: LaV | 31-08-2011, 05:37
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Whistle While You Work: How to Be Content in Your Job

Jobs are a sad fact of life in our world. People have to work in order to earn money that they use to live and buy things which in turn helps other people make their own money to live their lives. It is a viscous cycle, but every adult or even fiscally minded teenager knows the necessity of jobs to attain financial independence or at least a sense of that type of security. However, the world is full of jobs that people do not want to do but must be done in order to have the world be the way we want it. Also, some jobs are just not the ideal choice for certain people if they do not fit their skills, personal preferences, or any other million reasons why someone would not want a job. What happens though when you need the money of a job but are not too fond of the work, workplace, or coworkers? There are a few techniques though that you can utilize which can ease the symptoms of job discontentment until you find your dream job—whatever occupation or calling that ultimate goal might be.

It Is YOUR Choice!

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It sounds cliché but the fact remains firm that it is true. A huge portion of attitude (particularly when pertaining to happiness) is influenced by your own approach to the situation. Basically, feelings about a certain thing or situation act as self fulfilling prophecies for the majority of people. However, to add another cliché to the mix—it is the simplest things that are the hardest. It is difficult to focus on being happy when the things that make you happy are few and far between at your job. All you have to do though is keep your eyes on the prize—the mental prize. Find a single thing about your job that you do enjoy and try to specialize in it. Make sure to do that aspect of your job everyday and try to become perfect at it so that when others need that particular job done they come to you, allowing you to spend more of your workday doing something that does not make you want to jump off the building.