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Red-hot smartphones in the market

Author: LaV | 14-09-2011, 03:11
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Red-hot smartphones in the market


To begin with, the phone we used to carry in our pockets used to be in the size of a brick and could make only calls and store phone numbers. This triggered most of the people to carry few gadgets to places they used to visit. It included a digital camera for taking pictures, a walkman player to accompany his journey, a portable hard disk or an USB to store media rich information and a laptop to browse the web. With the phone market booming in India and people getting richer and richer day by day, the feature phones have been soon replaced by smartphones, which fits in the palm of our hand, play HD videos and Music, surf the web, take high resolution pictures and play motion based games and store enormous amount of data. However the adage, smartphones aren’t that useful has come to a dead stop and is no longer applicable.

Here are the top 5 smartphones which are all set and highly potential to rule the market by having added unique functionalities. Take a look at it and then take your pick: