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Top 10 Most Colorful Cities In The World

Author: LaV | 18-10-2011, 02:55
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Top 10 Most Colorful Cities In The World

1/Guanajuato City, Mexico

Guanajuato is a city and municipality in central Mexico and the capital of the state of the same name. It is located in a narrow valley, which makes the streets of the city narrow and winding. Most are alleys that cars cannot pass through, and some are long sets of stairs up the mountainsides. Guanajuato is host each year to the International Cervantino Festival, named in honor of Miguel de Cervantes, author of  Don Quixote.Artists from around the world perform in recitals, concerts, plays, ballet, modern dance, opera and art exhibits.Because Guanajuato is very rich in legends, when you visit it, you will hear stories such as that of Jose Carpio, a very humble person who, after living many tragedies, became a very rich man, or the story of  El Truco, a man who lost his wife to the devil on a bet.