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Social Networks in posters

Author: LaV | 29-08-2011, 04:12
Views: 173


  Illustrator, working under the pseudonym Justonescarf , created a series of posters on the theme of social networks . Think twice before you go to Twitter or Facebook, social network and what will win - in the sense of his posters.

Macbook in a New Look

Author: LaV | 29-08-2011, 03:32
Views: 170

Macbook in a New Look

The owners of computers from Apple I think will be happy to see these stickers on their computers. Watch and evaluate is these strickers can change the look of your Macbook. The exciting thing about these funny strickers is that it's enhance the presence of Macbook in a new look. I change my Macbook already through this funny strickers is you also change your Macbook or not?