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Imagine if you bought Apple stock in 1997

Author: LaV | 27-10-2011, 04:53
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Imagine if you bought Apple stock in 1997

Imagine if you bought Apple stock in 1997

Imagine if you bought Apple stock in 1997, Buying 100 shares back then was a fairly small investment that would have brought big returns. Steve Jobs is clearly one of the most universally admired chief executives in history. But it wasn’t always that way.

35 Creative Apple iPhone Docks

Author: LaV | 29-09-2011, 05:56
Views: 366

35 Creative Apple iPhone Docks

Unusual and creative Apple iPhone docks that will charge your phone in style.

Bookshelf iPhone Dock

This stylish Apple iPhone dock comes with two integrated speakers.

Red-hot smartphones in the market

Author: LaV | 14-09-2011, 03:11
Views: 154

Red-hot smartphones in the market


To begin with, the phone we used to carry in our pockets used to be in the size of a brick and could make only calls and store phone numbers. This triggered most of the people to carry few gadgets to places they used to visit. It included a digital camera for taking pictures, a walkman player to accompany his journey, a portable hard disk or an USB to store media rich information and a laptop to browse the web. With the phone market booming in India and people getting richer and richer day by day, the feature phones have been soon replaced by smartphones, which fits in the palm of our hand, play HD videos and Music, surf the web, take high resolution pictures and play motion based games and store enormous amount of data. However the adage, smartphones aren’t that useful has come to a dead stop and is no longer applicable.

Here are the top 5 smartphones which are all set and highly potential to rule the market by having added unique functionalities. Take a look at it and then take your pick:

Top 10 Smartphones Available Today

Author: LaV | 7-09-2011, 07:52
Views: 138

Top 10 Smartphones Available Today

Need a break from your laptop? These productivity phones offer a lot more than the ability to make calls. Here are the 10 best smartphones available today.

1. Apple 32GB iPhone 4

The Apple iPhone 4 ($199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB version, with a two-year contract from AT&T) is everything that a new piece of technology should be: It’s innovative, attractive, and ahead of its competition. In comparison, previous iPhone upgrades seem inconsequential–that’s how much iPhone 4 brings to the table. But one serious design flaw keeps it from being perfect.

iPhone OS 4.0 Review

Author: LaV | 2-09-2011, 01:49
Views: 193

iPhone OS 4.0 Review: Summary and Complete Guide

Heads up! The moment of truth is finally here for the new iPhone OS. While some are a bit disappointed, about the sans-out news for the iPhone 4G, the whole iPhone OS 4.0 announcement was pretty exhilarating to see. We’ve covered a definitive guide for you — So when summer arrives, you know what to dive for with your new iPhone.

Release Date:

Both the iPhone and iPod touch will receive an iPhone OS 4.0 blessing this summer. Although it’s not yet disclosed if it’ll be available as a download for iPhone 3GS / iPod Touch 2G or users will be obliged to buy a new iPhone (4G) / iPod Touch 3G unit. iPad will also be endowed with iPhone OS 4.0, but later, until Fall.

Steve Jobs introduced the new features of the new OS and called it as Poles — there are Ten Poles, in which, it was explained on a categorical basis. So let’s begin.

iAd: Apple’s latest innovation for their advertising platform

iad 1 iPhone OS 4.0 Review: Summary and Complete Guide

Macbook in a New Look

Author: LaV | 29-08-2011, 03:32
Views: 170

Macbook in a New Look

The owners of computers from Apple I think will be happy to see these stickers on their computers. Watch and evaluate is these strickers can change the look of your Macbook. The exciting thing about these funny strickers is that it's enhance the presence of Macbook in a new look. I change my Macbook already through this funny strickers is you also change your Macbook or not?