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Ferrari Boat

Author: LaV | 10-09-2011, 13:36
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Ferrari Boat

Now everyone of you'z buy Ferrari? Really may be but in shape of new Ferrari Boat rather than luxurious Ferrari Sports Car. Partnership between the two Italian companies, auto concern Fiat and manufacturer of sports boats SACS , led to the birth of the original product - Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari .Sports rubber boat, mimics the model of the car brand Abarth , which in turn is made ??by Ferrari (recall that both brands are a concern FIAT). At length 3.3 meters and has 3 seats, equipped with a 104 hp engine. with. and reaches a speed of 40 knots.

2012 Harley Davidson Night Rod

Author: LaV | 10-09-2011, 13:30
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2012 Harley Davidson Night Rod

Does any one knows that which is the hottest, sizzilng, coolest and elegant bike of this planet? I think we all have known one answer and the answer is "Harley-Davidson". So get ready for the exuberant new 2012 Harley Davidson Night Rod edition which comes with more powerful engine and multiple synchronizable features. 2012 Harley Davidson Night Rod Rubber-mounted, liquid-cooled, 1250cc Revolution engine with Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI); 125 hp @ 8,250 RPM; 85 ft. lbs. @ 7,000 rpm. The 2012 Harley Davidson Night Rod edition available for $15,299 in Vivid Black color while $15,609 for Black Denim and Sedona Orange. So enjoy the exclusive latest photos of 2012 Harley Davidson Night Rod edition here.

Laptops Under 100 Dollars

Author: LaV | 10-09-2011, 12:37
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Laptops Under 100 Dollars

What if i could tell you about some of the best Laptops Under 100 Dollars? yes we have that information, and maybe your next purchase could be a Laptops Under 100 Dollars, yes they are good and they are cheap.

There have been many low value laptop projects which were developed or in growth primarily focused on creating nations. There may be the One Laptop Per Youngster undertaking that contains a low value, low energy laptop computer targeted on kids and their schooling which has been pretty successful. A brand new netbook is coming out called the Cherrypal which is meant to cost $a hundred aimed mainly at promoting to Africa.

Many instances these $100 laptops and netbooks have failed at their value point. The $100 soon becomes close to twice the worth after actuality units in. However when you could have business netbooks as low-cost as $one hundred fifty right this moment, a lower power version can realistically hit the worth level of $100.

This Cherrypal won’t be capable of run heavy computer purposes, but it can get the job done. Despite the fact that it only has a 400 megahertz processor and 256 megabytes of ram, this is greater than sufficient to run many different model of Linux distributions.

No matter operating system selection that is made, it might be finest to go together with a version of Linux that runs Fluxbox or XFCE as these interfaces don’t take much assets to run which leaves more ram and processing energy for applications. Tapping into the tens of thousands of Linux purposes offers creating nations free software program a lot of that are academic in nature.

Realistically if folks in these international locations might get their hands on a netbook like the Cherrypal along with web access it will open up a world of educational and business opportunities. There are such a lot of instructional instruments that can be discovered on many web sites that would change into curriculum for college kids that otherwise would have cost a whole bunch of dollars per yr the place one netbook like this could provide all of it.

Hopefully the $one hundred price point stays as it would give folks entry to the know-how particularly for the academic advantages from this type of device.

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Top 5 Secret destinations in Costa Rica

Author: LaV | 10-09-2011, 07:10
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Top 5 Secret destinations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica may denote paradise and boast of toucans, howler monkeys, and a good number of wildlife that can complete a Disney cartoon flick. The life in Costa Rica is pretty much relaxed. Add to that the strong waves and beautiful environment. These reasons among others attract around 1.5 million travelers every year to Costa Rica.

The number of things you can do in Costa Rica are myriad.. Those who are into active travel can go surfing, snorkeling, hiking, and wildlife spotting. You can also cross the cloud forest, go to an active volcano, and have a relaxing massage on the beach . If you want some adrenaline pumping, you can go ziplining or surfing the rough waves of the Pacific.

If you are going to do the usual things to do in Costa Rica though, expect the rest of the crowd heading the same direction. But if you want to see beaches, natural wonders, and have encounters with the Costa Rican wildlife without the masses, here are some secret destinations in Costa Rica which we bet you will enjoy:

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Breasts

Author: LaV | 7-09-2011, 08:02
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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Breasts

Hideto Tomabechi,has started selling a ringtone that he says will make your breasts grow larger just by listening to it,something which should make it very popular with the ladies.

Breasts Can Become Bigger Via a Cellphone Ringtone

boobs things1 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Breasts

Top 10 World's Heaviest People in History

Author: LaV | 5-09-2011, 04:52
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Top 10 World's Heaviest People in History

We all know that obesity is simply not good for health and invites many diseases. There are people with weight of 100 kg to 200 kg. But, have you heard of somebody weighing over 500 kg and living their life? Yes, there were such people who died recently, but lived life with much problems and pains. But, their spirit seems to be the never dying one although they were completely different from the other normal humans. I am dedicating this article to these top 10 heaviest people in human history.

10: Mills Darden

Mills Darden (October 7, 1799 – January 23, 1857 is alleged to have been one of the largest men in history. He was widely reported to have stood approximately 2.3 metres (7.5 ft) tall and is said to have weighed around 454 kilograms (1,000 lb) to 499 kilograms (1,100 lb) at his heaviest. If the reported figures are correct, Darden was 30 percent taller and about six times as heavy as the average American male of today.

Mills (or Miles) was born on October 7, 1799, near Rich Square, North Carolina, to John and Mary Darden. He was married at least once and had several children. His wife Mary, who died in 1837 aged about 40, was 1.50 metres (4.9 ft) tall and weighed 44.4 kilograms (98 lb) and the tallest of their sons reached 1.80 metres (5.9 ft) (tall for an era when the average adult American male only stood about 1.68 metres (5.5 ft)).

Mills made his living as a farmer and reportedly owned a saloon at some point. There are many tales of his enormous size and strength, although it is difficult to tell whether they are fact or fiction. However, a few cunning villagers measured his weight by marking the exact point his one-horse cart (which had springs) lowered to as he sat on it. Later on, they placed large rocks on the cart to see just how much weight it would take to match Mills sitting on it. They concluded that he weighed over a thousand pounds.[citation needed]

Darden died on January 23, 1857. He was buried in Lexington, Tennessee. His grave, and his wife's, have been restored by the local Development Authority. No known photo remains of him.

Another Tank from the Lake

Author: LaV | 3-09-2011, 01:45
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Another Tank from the Lake

russian tank from lake 1

Yet another tank was recently extracted from one of the lakes near St. Petersburg. There are plenty of tanks left since WW2, each year a few of them are being pulled out by different enthusiasts. This one is particular by it’s model “BT” which was translated as “Quick Moving Tank”. It had very narrow tracks so it had to move only on good roads, and the tracks could be completely removed so that it could roll on the rubber coated inner wheels on the good surfaces when army had to relocate quickly and there were good roads available.




There are really some places where death is illegal

Author: LaV | 2-09-2011, 01:55
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There are really some places where death is illegal

Prohibition of death is a political social phenomenon and taboo in which a law is passed stating that it is illegal to die, usually specifically in a certain political division or in a specific building.

The earliest case of prohibition of death occurred in the 5th century BC, in the Greek island of Delos; dying on Delos was prohibited on religious grounds.

Today, in most cases, the phenomenon has occurred as a satirical protest to the posture of the governments of not approving the expansion of municipal cemeteries with no more space for additional corpses. In Spain one town has prohibited death, in France there have been several settlements which have had death prohibited, whilst in a town—Biritiba Mirim—in Brazil, an attempt to prohibit is currently taking place.

Additionally, there is a traditional prohibition on recording deaths in royal palaces in the United Kingdom, for rather different reasons.

Trading Cards you won’t Believe Exist

Author: LaV | 31-08-2011, 07:30
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Trading Cards you won’t Believe Exist

When we say “trading cards” what springs immediately to your mind? Bubble gum? Childhood?
Collectible? All of the above?

Well, if you grew up in the United States in the last 40 years, you probably answered all of the above. Trading cards have been, some say, around for 150 years, ever since some enterprising tobacco producers thought of printing collectible images on the inserts in their pouches. Since that time, trading cards have seen their popularity wax and wane quite often. They have also seen their content vary all over the map, including some rather… bizarre entries, which we would like to share with you.

If you didn’t grow up more than 15 or so years ago, uummm, you might ask your Dad if he still has his old cards, but frankly, if he had any on this list he probably won’t have kept them, or at least won’t show them. Unless of course he really wants to have to calm you back to sleep after horrific nightmares, in which case keep reading!

Dinosaurs Attack!


Topps, 1988.

If we’re gonna start anywhere on this list, this is the one that is gonna give you the best idea of why this list exists. In 1988, trading cards were still riding a periodic wave of popularity, and as such, companies such as Topps (longtime leader in the card market) were looking around for just about anything they could print and package. Taking at least some measure of inspiration from the classic card series Mars Attacks! (which we will get to a bit later) they trotted this rather bizarre series on an unsuspecting world.

It’s not that the cards themselves are all that offensive. Well, they are explicit, but in an almost cartoony way. Certainly they are not inherently worse than many of the films that by that time were quite commonplace, such as “Friday the 13”, “Nightmare on Elm Street”, or other slasher favorites. HOWEVER, those movies were pretty strictly policed as to who got to see them. These cards were primarily marketed to kids, either at newsstands and candy stores, or in the then fairly new comic book specialty shops. Parents who might have casually glanced at the pictures on the covers of the packs likely as not took them for educational cards, or at least nothing worse than reruns of “Land of the Lost”. Few, if any, parents would have ventured so far as to examine the cards themselves. One wonders what the reactions would have been. But judge for yourself:

5 Little Known Facts About World War II

Author: LaV | 31-08-2011, 05:07
Views: 221

5 Little Known Facts About World War II

The history of World War II is well documented and much more is known about this conflict than any other in history due to the amount of surviving documents and, of course, living testimony. However with such a wealth of information, many of the interesting events and facts about the war are all but forgotten, here are a few examples.

1. Secret Messages from the BBC

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) was the most listened to radio station in the world during the war. The news in particular had a reputation for its honesty about world events and millions of people throughout Nazi occupied Europe tuned in at great risk to themselves.

At the beginning of certain programs, the BBC would put in what were known as ‘message personnels’, which were coded messages to resistance groups throughout Europe. To most listeners, the messages meant nothing but to the informed few, they could mean anything from ‘blow up a section of railway line’ at a given point, to ‘a new SOE agent will arrive shortly’.

The most awaited secret message by the BBC came with the approach of D-Day and was from the first two lines of a Paul Verlaine couplet. “The long sobs of the violins of Autumn” was the first and told resistance groups to prepare, soon after, the second, “Soothes my heart with a monotonous languor”, told all resistance groups in France that the time to fight had come.

Image Source