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Girls and Cold Beer

Author: LaV | 28-08-2011, 15:35
Views: 250

Girls and Cold Beer

Sexy Girls and Cold Beer


Star Wars in Reality

Author: LaV | 28-08-2011, 15:33
Views: 111

Star Wars in Reality

If Star Wars was real it would be so much fun! I bet I read the thoughts of many Star Wars fans here icon smile Star Wars in Reality You will discover in pictures what the world would look like if Star Wars were the real life! The pictures are really awesome and well done. In each photo, you’ll see a little touch from Star Wars universe. Look closely and enjoy!

star wars were real01 Star Wars in Reality

Bollywood and Hollywood look a like...

Author: LaV | 28-08-2011, 15:29
Views: 967

Bollywood and Hollywood look a like...

Priety Zinta and Drew Barrymore
When we saw the two, we couldn't believe our eyes. Priety Zinta and Drew Barrymore could have almost been twins. Their resemblance is mind-blowing.

Belgrade is pro butts

Author: LaV | 28-08-2011, 15:27
Views: 92

Anti-Poop Dog owners urged to bend over ‘for beautiful city’.

Serbia’s capital may have an abundance of dog poop, but this cheeky series of ads from McCann Erickson Belgrade proves that the town doesn’t have a shortage of nice butts. And when residents bend over to clean up said dog droppings, they’re helping create a “beautiful city” in more ways than one. Notice, though, that the three lady butts (one below, two more after the jump) are appealing and demure, while the lone male in the series has his underpants riding up and is grabbing an obvious handful of poop. I guess the “girl bodies are sexy, guy bodies are funny” theory isn’t limited to the United States.

serbia dog poop 00 Belgrade Is Pro Butts

20 Things That Kill More People Than Sharks Every Year

Author: LaV | 28-08-2011, 15:25
Views: 116

20 Things That Kill More People Than Sharks Every Year

The Most Intriguing Lost Cities

Author: LaV | 28-08-2011, 15:22
Views: 127

War, climate conditions or maybe cosmic intervention wiped these cities almost to the dust.Nothing lasts forever. We explore some of the most interesting world cities.


10. Carthage – Tunisia

For the great city like this to be destroyed once is not enough. After 900 years of the reign of northern Africa and southern Europe, Carthage faced the wrath of the Roman Empire. Later on, the Romans rebuilt it and restored its former glory. However, Carthage has again survived numerous conflicts to be eventually destroyed by Muslim Arabs. Today at 15 km north of the capital of Tunis, you can visit the remains of Roman baths, temples and villas that were stretched across the once powerful city.

the most intriguing lost cities10 The Most Intriguing Lost Cities

“Unintentional” Face Kicks

Author: LaV | 28-08-2011, 15:11
Views: 111

“Unintentional” Face Kicks

From sports to everyday buffoonery, face kicks have been an unfortunate part of mans existence since we first learned

to walk and roundhouse kick. Below you’ll see some the recipients of this jaw braking, face smashing, dentist loving,

action verb that can render you unconscious, depending on the force of the kick of course.

free kicks 1 “Unintentional” Face Kicks

Surprised Red squirrel

Author: LaV | 28-08-2011, 15:07
Views: 219

Surprised Red squirrel

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